3D Pineapple Card

Hi everyone,
I hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday!  Here is a super cute 3D pineapple card I made.  I will post a supply list & video later tonight.  It’s so hard to fit everything in 24 hours lol.  I had problems with my camera yesterday so I wasn’t able to post this on Tuesday like I had planned.  I think it might be time for a new camera!  

Hugs & much love, Bobbie

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  1. Hi Bonnie, I'm glad you like the card. I guess it would be easier to stamp it using the masking technique but I didn't do that. The stamp is so big its pretty easy to ink both sections (unless your like me and always in a hurry lol) Please post a picture so I can see your card. I use the stamp and scrub when I clean my stamps. I don't know why it makes that sound lol. I will have to pay attention next time. If I don't forget the next time I do a video I'll show me cleaning my stamps lol

  2. Love the card. I just got my pineapple stamp set this week and now I'm seriously considering changing up one of the cards I was planning to do another card for my stamp club on Sunday but may change it up to this one. I have a question for you…..On several of your videos when you clean your stamps it sounds like you're dabbing them on something instead of rubbing on the cleaning pad. It actually sounds like those alcohol things in a nail salon where they dampen the cotton before touching up spots on your nails. What do you clean your stamps with?

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