Friday Rain Was a Wash Out!

Hi Friends,

I had such a busy Saturday.  I don’t know if you all follow me on Facebook but I shared a pretty scary incident yesterday.

We live in the country and there is only one road that comes in and goes out.  Well, we got a ton of rain yesterday.  It rained all day!  I was up super early and the weatherman said it would stop raining around 11:00am and then start back up in the afternoon around 3:00pm.  I think he was wrong, because it rains until around 7:00pm.

I decided I was going to go to the grocery store before the full force of the weekend shoppers and try to beat the crowds.  As I was leaving my neighbor was dragging a tree that had fallen in front of his house and was blocking the road.  As I sat in my truck waiting, another car was coming into the area.  As I approached the end of the road, it was flooded, I mean IT WAS FLOODED!!! I sat in my HUGE Toyota Tundra wondering if I should drive over our little road that had the drain under it.  The same road that washed out a few years earlier because of the rain.  I reasoned that if that little car could make, then I sure  could make it in my tank of a truck!  As I was pondering my decision, a huge tree branch came floating across the road in the rushing water.  I decided at that moment I didn’t need groceries that bad, today!  I turned my truck around and went home.

Our road had washed away a few years back, and I was afraid if it continued to rain, the road might wash away again, and if I crossed to go to town, I might not be able to get back across to get home.

Once I was safe inside my home, I called my husband at work to let him know he might want to come home asap, as the road might not be there when he got off work at 7:00pm.  It was about 2:00pm when I made this call.  I knew he would not leave, he is like that, dedicated!

Well, what do you do when it’s pouring down rain, windy and just a plain ole gloomy day?  You lay down for a nice afternoon nap!  To my surprise when I woke up this is what I had discovered.

Thank goodness I changed my mind and did not go into town! My hat goes off to our great road crew who worked all night long to repair our road.  They worked until around 5:00am making sure we all could get out on Saturday!
Hugs & much love, Bobbie

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