Tips and Tricks For Mass Producing Cards Free PDF


Hi Friends,

Today on the blog we will discuss mass producing cards.  The holiday season is right around the corner and will be here before we know. Today on my Facebook live we talked about mass producing cards.  I have provided a link to a free PDF file you can download.


I make a lot of cards, and when it comes to mass producing them, it makes it so much easier when I follow the easy steps I listed in the pdf.  I always do a sample card first.  Once I have my design idea, I check my supplies.  Nothing is more frustrating then starting a project and find out I’m short on supplies, don’t ask me how I know!

I then move on to the preparation stage.  I first do all my card bases, all at one time.  I cut and then score them all at once.  I then move on to my 2nd layer.  I cut them all at once.  I then move on to the 3rd layer, if there is one.  I cut them all out.  If I plan to use any embossing folders I do that step next.  Usually if I use embossing folders it’s on the 3rd layer of my card, so that just makes sense to do it next.  Once all the cardstock has been cut, I move on to the embellishments.  If there is ribbon, I measure one piece, and then use that as my example for the rest to be cut.  I do all my stamping last.


Once I have all the preparations done, cutting, embossing, or other elements done, I move on to assembly.  I do one card at a time when I assemble.  I place everything in a row, in front of me and get comfortable, and start the assembly process.

Hugs & much love, Bobbie

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