Facebook Live April 3, 2020

Hi Friends,

I first want to say I am so thankful for each and everyone one of you who join me each week for my Facebook lives.  This is such a scary time we all are facing.  I hope I can bring a little bit of a distraction and make you forget about what is going on around us right now even if it’s only for an hour of your day.

I am praying for us all during this time.  This is why I designed todays project.  I wanted to bring a little piece and prayer to us all.  I know it can be hard and we all can get scared at times like this.  We all need a reminder that God is in control of all of this.  I believe in his comfort and protection.

Okay on with today’s project.


You can download the bible verses HERE

Download the FREE pdf HERE

Hugs & much love, Bobbie

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