Sharing Our Cards

Hi Friends,

I have already posted a video this week of a card I made for one of my friends.  I have another one I’ll be posting tomorrow.  Both of my friends are going through some health issues.  I just wanted to cheer them up and let them know I was thinking of them.

Sometimes we get so caught up in life we forget about the important things.  I am really, really going to focus on sending out my handmade cards.  Nothing is better then letting friends and loved ones know we are thinking of them and care.  It’s even better when we send them a handmade card or gift.

I am encouraging you all to do the same.  Even if our friends or family are not going through something, just send a happy card, birthday card, or a simple card to say hello.  Lets share our creativity with our family and friends.

Hugs & much love, Bobbie

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