Escape To Create Summer Retreat


As you all know I lost my father a few weeks ago and I have been dealing with that for the last few weeks.  I decided I could not pull this event off in the 3 weeks I had to prepare for it.  I had lost several weeks where I would have been preparing for this when my dad took a turn for the worse and unfortunately passed away.  I spent as much time as possible with him and was just not in the mindset to work on this retreat.  I am not thinking very clearly and it never even occurred to me to just change the date!!! so I just canceled the event altogether!  I was very, very sad to have to do this but like I shared with you all yesterday I did not want to rush and feel like I was just throwing things together to meet the deadline.

So today I finally had the lightbulb moment and I decided to change the date on this retreat to August 17, 2018.  This will give me enough time to properly prepare for the event.  I also am now only offering it as a “Retreat in a box” or the to go option.  As I canceled the room reservation.

I have already purchased the goody bags, some special gifts, and made one of the make n takes, and planned two others so I don’t want to let these items just sit in my craft room for another year.  My theme is tropical so I can’t use them for my fall retreat. You are going to love them by the way!!!

I am going to close the registration on July 17, 2018, to make sure everyone knows the event is back on!!! I have already heard from many of you who had already registered and you all still want to be apart of this event.  I will send out new invoices and I’m even going to offer the EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION AGAIN TO HELP SAVE YOU ALL MONEY!!!


  • Everyone will receive a goody bag filled with over $35.00 of Stampin’ Up! products

  • I will send you each a video going through the box contents and I will also send videos showing you all how to put the make n takes together

  • I also have special gifts I have purchased and decorated as gifts for everyone

  • Each person will get a special nameplate

  • You will receive 3 special make n takes and will have enough supplies in your goody bag to recreate these projects

  • I will have 2 additional optional classes you can choose if you wish

  • This event is now only being offered as a “Retreat In A Box”

  •  Each person will receive a 10% off discount card to use on a purchase in my online store in one of your make n takes!!!

So help me make this retreat happen by signing up today!!


The Retreat fee is $81.50

All Retreat In a Box packages will be shipped in a priority flat rate box and mailed out by August 17, 2018. This is the latest they will be shipped.  They will ship sooner if possible.  The price for S&H is already included in the registration!



Hugs & much love, Bobbie

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  1. so I must be missing something. first ===sorry for your loss , know how hard it is to lose a special piece of your family.
    second chan you tell me how much this cost to get it delivered. and what is included thanks maggie

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