Facebook Live October 31, 2018

Hi Friends,

Welcome to my blog and I hope you are here to see what wonderful project I’ll be making for you all today.  Well here it is and I am so proud of this cute little box.  I am more excited about what I put inside the box.  I have a very strong Christian faith and really try to live my life in a way that is pleasing to God.  So the word of God is very, very important to me.  It really helps me get through each and every day.  I know a lot of my friends on Facebook always post a “thankful” comment for each day in November.  I decided to make a cute box that holds 30 different bible verses about being thankful.  You can just pull one out each month and read it.  You can even flip the card over and make a little note to yourself.   So here is the adorable “Thankful Box” I made for you all.



While you are here make sure to leave me a comment so you can be entered in this week’s Prize Patrol drawing.  I’ll announce the winner next week while I”m in Orlando, Fl for OnStage.  Here is the super cute Prize Patrol for the weeks drawing.



Click here to download page 1 

Click here to download page 2

Click here to download page 3

Click here to download page 4

Click here to download page 5

Click here to download page 6

Click here to download page 7

Click here to download page 8


Hugs & much love, Bobbie

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  1. Bobbie,

    I love this box and idea. Is there a way you can make the download so I can edit it. The verses used are not the same in the King James version f the bible. You have done so much work. If not i will have to figure out how to recreate the template. Thank you, Cyndi

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