A Day In My Life

Hi Friends,

Today I am sharing a little behind the scenes of a day in my life. Of course, this is not everything I do!! When I first get up I have to let those fur babies out, first thing I do!! I do have to enjoy the peace and quiet of the first bit of my morning with a cup of coffee.

 I then like to jump on my treadmill for a few miles.  I can’t walk every day but I try to get in 3-4 times a week.  I have not been able to do too many miles in the last few weeks.  I am determined to get back on schedule!!  I know at my age I have to keep this body moving!!!

I like to do my morning bible study next.  I know this should come first but it’s what works for me.  I pray all throughout the day and I always make sure to pray when I first get up.

Then I move on to my side hustle which is Stampin’ Up!  If I don’t have time to get in a bit of stamping before work I usually can find a few hours after work.  I love designing and sharing my love for crafting with my customers.  Stampin’ Up! has opened up so many doors for me.  I had never really flown before, one time for work.  I have now flown to so many places to attend OnStage and Back Stage conferences.  I have met so many wonderful friends and cherish the friendships I have made.

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek into my mourning routine.  I am a creature of habit and usually do the same thing every day.  I have another job which I also love and I work Monday – Friday there.  The weekends are spent spending time with my husband, cleaning, and the chore I HATE the most!!!, grocery shopping.  I don’t know why I hate it so much but I do!!

Until next time,



Hugs & much love, Bobbie

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